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User Experience Design

User Experience design means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. The main philosophy at jwtdesign is that it is our responsibility to simplify complex processes while maintaining empathy for the user. It isn’t a one-size fit’s all step in a process. It is iterative and becomes part of every step from the initial conception of an idea through the development of the final product.


jwtdesign can work with stakeholders, project owners, and managers to help craft a project’s life and path with short-term and long-term goals. Research, intuition, and iteration help ground the results and mitigate risk.


jwtdesign believes that design is not just wrapping paper. Design encompasses the entire experience. From subtle-but-appealing interactions to typography, color, and layout, design effects everything the user—your audience—touches. Starting out with classic design principles and rules helps ensure quality from the beginning. Iterating on ideas helps make a fully realized product.


User-experience design is an umbrella term that means a lot of different things to lots of folks and has just as many varied types of deliverables attached. From documentation to wireframes (lo-fi and hi-fi) to prototyping and user-testing, jwtdesign can help. Designing an experience often means removing obstacles and smoothing out processes for completing a desired task or action. jwtdesign strives to combine business goals and empathy for the user to create ideal experiences that both parties can be proud of.


Interface design uses layout, color, texture, and typography to create something intuitive for the user. Sometimes, real-world metaphors are needed to ensure understanding of how to achieve a desired result (skeuomorphism). Sometimes, a more digital and modern approach can suffice and create a unique and rich experience without bogging the user down without distractions. The debate isn’t what is in fashion. It’s about what is right for the project and the audience.


Branding is more than a logo. It is more than a color. Branding is attitude. It is the goal in which your company must always measure up to. It is the attitude that your users and audience identify with, or want to identify with. jwtdesign can help with crafting the symbol, the attitude, and all the parts that go along with it. I love a challenge and love building brands!

jwtdesign is Jeff Talley


jwtdesign is Jeff Talley

Jeff is a Pennsylvania-native designer who currently lives in Dallas, TX. Originally beginning his career as a print designer in publishing and designing award-winning book covers, Jeff’s focus now is on all things digital and his newfound love for mobile app UX and UI design. When he’s not sitting at his desk behind a computer or in meetings, he and his wife take care of three permanent and one foster dog. If there is ever any extra time after all that he plays guitar, ukelele, and mandolin and is slowly building a nice collection of scotch and whiskey.

His work spans websites, mobile apps, social media platforms, as well as brand new technologies. He is one of the first designers asked by Apple to design an app for the upcoming Apple Watch (prior to its announcement).

He is currently the lead mobile UX/UI designer for American Airlines. He has also worked with companies of all sizes such as Google, ReelFX, Kurdish Regional Government, Microsoft, and Shell.


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