American Airlines App for Android Wearable

Second Iteration

When we began to redesign the Android phone app to utilize the new Material Design UI we also redesigned the wearable app. This time I had all the information I needed such as patterns, UI guidelines, and experience documentation so that I could design an app that aligned itself with Android UI and provide a more unique experience.

We focused heavily on the IA and structure of information on notifications and core app screens. Of course, this was made easier due to the previous work on the AA App for Apple Watch. We were able to leverage the card UI that the Android Wearable made use of. The design was basically handled by Moto 360 templates so all we needed to do was make sure info and structure were accurate. We selected a primary palette, iconography, and analyzed gestures and interactions to make sure info could be seen and read in all wearable formats from circle to square.

BrandAmerican Airlines
TagsProduct Design, UX/UI, Android, Moto 360, Wearable App