American Airlines App for iPad

ClientAmerican Airlines
SkillsUI, UX, Native App, iOS, iPad
iPad App

American Airlines

As part of Blockdot during this time, we created a unique native iPad app experience for American Airlines. Prior to this, the iPad app was a magnified version of their iPhone app. We approached the iPad app as a more casual experience. While it included all the “day-of-travel” stuff that the iPhone app had, we wanted the user to be able to book flights in a more visual way. We implemented an interactive globe with every airport that American serviced as a point. Users could tap on one spot and then another to look at options for that trip. We wanted to bring in deals, packages, and travel info.

In 2014, along with iOS8, we dismantled the unique iPad app and implemented an adaptive layout that was closer—visually—to the new iPhone app experience. The iPad app now exists in the same ecosystem as all of the other American apps both visually as well as developmentally.