BrandBolt Software Technology
TagsBranding, Corporate Identity, Design

Bolt Software Technology

A short but sweet project—I worked with some folks who were building proprietary software for the construction and contracting industry. They wanted to somehow include the lightening bolt in the logo design. My goal was to do that but in a slightly more subtle way rather than just showing a lightening bolt icon and type next to or below it. I was able to modify an existing typeface to allow the negative space between the “L” and “T” to reflect that typical icon of a lightening bolt.

Corportate Identity

In addition to the logo design, I also applied their logo to an app icon. Rather than just slapping the entire logo within the app icon space, we opted to go for a more exciting direction. We closely cropped in on the “L” and “T” to focus on that bolt icon within the negative space. The result is a very dynamic app icon that sits outside the typical convention of centering the entire logo.