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ClientRockwell Collins
TagsUI, UX, Prototyping, User-Experience, iOS, Native App, iPad
Rockwell Collins

Service First

The Rockwell Collins Service First iPad app was a project I worked on while employed at Soap Creative. This was their first project with Soap and they didn’t know what they wanted or needed.

We went through two large iterations. The first we created wireframes and flows to match what the client said they wanted. When halfway through, we realized that what they needed was not what they were asking for. But that would’ve made for a dynamic shift in the direction of the project and the leadership wasn’t prepared to tell the client that.

We presented wires and mocks to match what they wanted. We told them why it didn’t make sense and talked with them about about how we could still accomplish what they were asking for in a slightly different way but also providing a way for the app to grow and scale along with their customer service department.

The project was put on hold for some time but when they came back they were ready to re-evaluate the direction. The app now has an iPhone component that borrows heavily from the iPad design.